Cycling Safety

What I’m Researching – May 12

Guest Post: Dr. Silagh White writes about her experiences with alternative transportation. She has some good insight into trying some new ways to get to work to see how each one fits into her daily life.


I’ve been experimenting with adding exercise into my day by either walking or biking to work. Since I have a flexible work schedule, I can afford to take my time figuring out which option works better for me.

Wednesday, I finally figured out that I can bring the kids to school, bring the car back home, then go to work. Since I only work 5 hours a day at the office, I still have time to get home for the kids’ after school shuttling.

Here are my options for car-less commutes to work:

  1. Walking. 45-50 minutes one way. Maybe as I walk more, this time might shorten. This options is great for days I want to take my time and enjoy an audio book to work. Might not be so nice when the temps get hotter. But then again, I can bring some basic toiletries to my office to freshen…

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